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ssp 96 altea self study programme 2004.pdf

Samostatný studijní program

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Seat Altea 2004 - 2015

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altea Self Study Programme No. 96 Technical Status 02.04. Due to constant product development and improvements, the data which appears in this document is subject to possible modifications. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted wholly or partially in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording or by any information storage or retrieval system without the prior written permission of the holders. TITLE Altea No. 96 AUTHOR Service Organisation SEAT S.A. Sdad. Unipersonal. Zona Franca, Calle 2. Reg. Mer. Barcelona. Tomo 23662, Folio 1, Hoja 56855l st 1 Edition DATE OF PUBLICATION March 2004 LEGAL REGISTER B 9.865 2004 Printing and typesetting GRÁFICAS SYL Silici, 9 11 Pol. Industrial Famadas 08940 Cornellá BARCELONA Altea The Altea launch enables SEAT to introduce a new passenger vehicle concept to the market. This vehicle has a remarkably unique personality, defined by its exterior design which sets a prelude for the future brand image. The vehicle belongs to the MSV category. It is a compact uni body vehicle with a dynamic sporty character. The interior design of the Altea provides a comfortable ergonomic layout with a spacious interior offering excellent versatility for the user. For the first time, SEAT will launch a 110 kW FSI direct injection engine and a 2.0L 16 valve diesel engine with a power output of 103 kW. Another remarkable new feature is the fitting of a 6 speed DSG automatic gearbox combining the advantages of both manual and automatic gearboxes. On the safety side, the Altea comes with a new brake management system for vehicles without CONTENTS ESP, an active headrest system for the front seats and an airbag equipped with the very latest technology. CHARACTERISTICS 4 5 The Altea will also benefit from the introduction of new service solutions such as the introduction INTERIOR .6 7

Manual download Data sheets and catalogues

Altea - Data sheets and catalogues

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